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Scarifiers: the guarantors of a perfect lawn

As time passes, the lawn collapses under leaves and dead branches. The moss suffocates this beautiful greenery. And that's without counting on the roots that damage the grass. A simple mowing would not be enough to maintain your lawn. This is where the scarifier comes in because it effectively eliminates new shoots that threaten the development of grass.

How does the scarifier work?

Felting and moss prevent the grass from growing properly. The scarifier dislodges them from the ground. This allows light, water and air to reach the soil and roots of the grass without hindrance. This is what distinguishes the scarification of a classic mowing that acts only on the surface.

Scarifiers come in two forms. First, there is the scarifier itself, which rakes deep and eliminates the foam. Then there are the defoamers for a more superficial maintenance. In both cases, the device always allows the lawn to breathe and therefore develop in the best conditions.

How to choose your scarifier?

Concentrate on the number of knives or claws of the scarifier. The more there is, the more efficient the device is.

Also check the depth of scarification (or the penetration capacity) that goes from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Note, however, that the passage of the scarifier is ideally done after mowing.

The handlebars: some are fixed, others are adjustable in height for more comfort.

Remember also the grass catcher that can be integrated into the unit or provided as an option. The capacity is variable and must therefore meet your needs.