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Backpacks or school bags are an essential complement so that your children can transport the books and notebooks they need to class, as well as their personal belongings when they go on excursion or to the home of one of their friends after school, in a comfortable way And simple

What kind of backpacks and school bags can we find?

There is a wide range in the market that offer us a multitude of possibilities, with different shapes and sizes:

• We can find the most classic backpacks, consisting of a bag and two straps at the back, which will be used to carry it hanging on the back. These can have a rounded, square or oval appearance, and their main characteristic is that they are closed with a zipper to transport the books or notebooks in a much safer way. In addition, they are usually equipped with different pockets and compartments that will allow to distribute the weight better, and will help them to find the pencils, books or the calculator more quickly. Also, some are equipped with wheels and a handle so that children can comfortably drag. You can carry it on your back to climb stairs, or push it on the floor when you are more tired. In some of them, the car is separable, so it can be removed or added depending on the needs or preferences of the child at any time.

• School bags differ from backpacks, mainly because they do not contain two straps at the back. Instead, the bags are usually formed by a hand strap and a longer strap that allows you to hang or cross over the shoulder. These are ideal, for example, for when the little ones have to carry sports clothes for their extracurricular activities. In any case, by not sharing the weight evenly on your back, it is not recommended to use them to carry books or notebooks regularly.

• Another indispensable school accessory for the little ones are the cases. These will help them keep their learning materials organized, increasing their productivity and performance.

• If you are looking to simplify the election process, you can always opt for a set of school supplies. One of these usually includes: the backpack, a shoulder bag and a wallet or case.

We can find backpacks and children's bags made with different materials, such as fabric or plastic. Ideally, they should be made of an easy-to-clean material. Also, there are many backpacks made with waterproof or padded textures that will prevent you from getting wet what they have inside them in the event of rain or contact with any type of liquid.

As for colors, there is a whole chromatic universe that will delight the little ones. In addition, they can choose between backpacks, bags, cases and sets with different patterns, and even with their drawings, dolls or their favorite football team.

How to choose a backpack or school bag?

• First, we must make sure they can carry it safely without posing a problem for the child's back, and without causing any consequences in their spine. To do this, you must choose a backpack that is not too big or too heavy for your little one, so that they can take it comfortably and easily. Also, if they contain different compartments and pockets, they will allow you to distribute all your belongings in a more balanced way.

• The straps located in the back must be adjustable, so that they fit perfectly to the body of your child. In addition, it is recommended that they be padded so that they do not hurt on the shoulders, and rest better on the back.