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Belt protectors for the car are extremely useful. With a belt pad, the driver and front passenger are protected from cutting in the straps. The useful accessories can be easily fastened with Velcro fasteners. Belt protectors are available in various designs and materials as well as for adults or children.

Why is a belt protector useful?

The life-saving features of the safety belt are undisputed. Nevertheless, many people find the donning of the belt unpleasant. The sense of tightness and incision can be significantly reduced with a belt protector. Especially for children, a belt pad is comfortable and parents appreciate that the quenching is significantly reduced. A special offer in this area is the pregnancy belt, which adapts to the growing baby bump and ensures that mum and baby are safely on the way.

How to choose a belt protector

- For whom is the belt protector ordered? For adults, there are a variety of models that differ in design and material. The belt pads for children are usually styled in a child-friendly design, so that the acceptance of the offspring is increased.

- Is a padding required? Depending on how comfortable you like it, you can choose more or less padded belt protectors.

- Should the belt protector be used as a decorative accessory? Take a look at the wide range of different belt protectors, ranging from simple models to colorful variants with fun designs.

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