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In a domestic environment like that of the dining room, where you always need a significant amount of space to move freely during the preparation of the dishes, a kitchen trolley can make the difference. Equipped with special castors, which allow them to move safely and comfortably, this furniture becomes an integral part of the furnishings of a space designed to be practical, modern and functional. The materials used to make them can be different, ranging from wood to plastic resin, passing through aluminum.

Lunch box and fruit bowl: how many carts are there for the kitchen?

When it comes to trolleys, the models can be essentially two: one is the classic lunchbox, equipped with a handle and two trays on which the dishes to be brought to the table are placed; the other has a simple column structure and is formed by a series of stacked baskets, generally used to hold fruit and vegetables. In this case the top shelf can be covered with ceramic and used as a cutting board.

How to choose a kitchen trolley?

- Check the dimensions of the item and compare them with the space available in the kitchen, so as to ascertain the necessary correspondence - Pay attention to the finishes of the piece of furniture: if the choice falls on a wooden model, the type used and paint care are important discriminating factors for quality assessment purposes - Check the functionality of the casters, better if they are rubberised and scratch-resistant