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Crushed ice machines - cool drinks in seconds

Without Crushed Ice, delicious cocktails are only half the fun, and even smoothies, shakes and juices get their really refreshing effect with ice cream. Ice cubes are a way to create cool drinks at home. But who wants to do it the pros night, attacks the crushed ice. The most elegant way to make these are crushed ice machines. They are available with manual and electrical control, in different sizes and for numerous applications. If you want to upgrade your personal home bar with professional equipment, like mixing cocktails and other drinks, or need a lot of crushed ice for a party, you will not miss out on a crushed ice machine.

Which crushed ice machines are there?

Crushed ice machines are basically available in two versions: with electric control or with manual operation. However, the functionality is the same for both. Ice cubes are filled into the machine, which are then crimped using sharp cutting tools. With manual machines, the crushing of the ice cubes takes place via a hand crank. The ice is filled in the upper part of the machine, the crank is turned until it is crushed. This can take a while or be exhausting, especially when a lot of ice is about to be crunched, for example for the party. Electric models work much like a mixer. Here, an electric motor takes over the crushing work. They are therefore suitable for larger quantities of ice. On top of that, some machines, especially the electric one, can also produce slushed ice - for the refreshing crushed water ice, syrup is simply added to the crushed ice to taste. The machine then takes over the optimal mixture. Electric crushed ice machines can often do other jobs such as crushing fruit, frozen food and more. Simple and inexpensive crushed ice machines are usually made of plastic with a hand crank and stainless steel cutting tools. High-quality machines can also be made of stainless steel and glass. However, there are also professional machines made of high-quality, sturdy plastic.

How to choose a crushed ice machine?

- It depends on the crowd: If you occasionally crush some ice cream for yourself and a few friends, you can choose a small machine. For large quantities, which are needed about at a party, it needs a larger machine. A criterion for the selection is thus the capacity of the machine.

- Electric or manual? Again, it depends on the amount and frequency of use. Occasional crushers resort to the manual machine, which is usually cheaper to have. The crushing takes longer here, which is to be overcome with small amounts of ice but. Electric machines do their job independently and the user can mix the cocktails in the meantime. If you are crunching large quantities of ice, you should better use an electric machine.

- How is the ice taken? The removal options are a criterion that is important for optimal handling of the machine. In some, especially in the more affordable models, the lid is opened and the ice poured out. More elegant are solutions with removable container.

- The design also plays a role. After all, the crushed ice machine is a kitchen utensil that often finds its place on the worktop. While some rely on stainless steel and glass, others like it nostalgic. Retro-style crushed-ice machines fit in modern kitchens as well as rustic ones.