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The storage sheds or garden sheds are a perfect way to gain space at home taking advantage of the square meters of our patio. Its versatility allows us to create a new room for what we need, from a doghouse, to a garage or a playground for children.

In addition, not only the houses with garden can benefit from a little extra capacity. If you live in an apartment, but have a terrace, a balcony or a storage room, you can place a small shed to protect objects or furniture from inclement weather or dirt.

In the following sections you will find everything you need to know before launching yourself to buy a storage shed.

How to choose your garden shed?

The first thing we have to ask ourselves before buying a garden shed is the use that we are going to give it. Secondly, the square meters that we have to get it and the free space that we are willing to sacrifice. And, finally, if we want our booth to have soil or not. Also, we must decide if we want windows or if we are going to need special doors. These points are basic before dealing with other issues, such as materials or maintenance.

Tips for correct installation of the booth

• Carry floor or not, all booths should be placed on a firm, level surface with good drainage.

• They should never be placed directly on the lawn or dirt. For these cases, it is essential to build a concrete base with a surface slightly larger than our shed or shed.

• Make sure to leave a minimum distance of 50 cm between the walls of the shed and any wall or flora to avoid moisture.

Materials of the garden sheds

Next, we explain the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each material:

• Wood: They offer the most possibilities, but they also need much more expensive maintenance and installation. They can be purchased with treated or untreated wood, and are best suited for living spaces such as guest rooms, animal huts or leisure areas.

• Metal: Very resistant to the passage of time and hardly require maintenance. They are easy to clean, but they are not recommended in areas of the sea or with strong winds. They do not include soil and they condense a lot of heat inside.

• Resin: Very easy to install and clean, they do not require maintenance, although the sun's effect spoils their aesthetics over time.

How to maintain the garden shed or garden shed in perfect condition?

The sheds, independently of the material with which they are manufactured, are exposed to changes in temperature, attack of fungi and insects. Following a basic maintenance, you will avoid having to replace them or make costly repairs:

• If your shed is made of wood, you should keep it hydrated to avoid cracks, periodically varnishing it.

• The resin ones, as already mentioned, do not require maintenance, so you should only worry about not getting too much sun.

• The maintenance of metal booths is easier, simply wash it with water and a mild soap.

Likewise, for any material, it is preferable that the stand be positioned on pavement so as not to be exposed to the humidity of the lawn or the ground. And, to prevent mold from appearing inside, make sure the environment is dry and ventilated.