Sheets & Pillowcases

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Among the textiles for the home, and specifically in bed linen, are covers for beds and pillows that accompany dreams, rest and moments of relaxation. Sheets and pillowcases are not only an important furnishing element for creating the atmosphere in the bedroom, but also for wrapping with delicacy and functionality in the place dedicated to comfort.

How to choose sheets and pillowcases

When choosing the most suitable sheets and pillowcases, the production material, the patterns and the type of bedroom to be furnished must be taken into consideration.

The complete set includes the sheets, of different sizes based on the single, double or single bed; pillowcases, which can cover a different number of pillows based on taste and personal habits; a mattress cover, in hypoallergenic or anti-mite materials for the most delicate skin. With the possibility of adding decorative pillow covers in case you want to adorn the bed with additional pillows. The type of fabric, from classic cotton to flannel to the finest silk, will be selected according to the season.

For a double room you can opt for themed sheets and pillowcases and patterns that recall the tastes of the couple: from hearts, to flowers to the original sheets that indicate her and him with nice nicknames.

For the children's bedrooms, there is a wide range of colored sheets or pillowcases in cotton or linen that reproduce the myths of the most famous cartoons or the most loved animals.