Shoe Racks

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Shoe racks help you make the most of domestic spaces and are an almost obligatory purchase, especially if you have a large family or a rich collection of footwear. It is not just practical and functional accessories, but real furnishing accessories: in wood, metal or fabric, with a fixed or modular structure, they allow you to tidy up your shoes adapting to the style of your home .

Where to place the shoe rack?

Decide where to place the shoe rack, so that it is comfortable to use. To do this, keep in mind your habits: if you usually wear shoes just before going out, the advice is to place the furniture at the entrance; if, on the other hand, you never set foot outside your home without a dress test in front of the mirror, the ideal arrangement can be the sleeping area or, in any case, the bedroom where your wardrobe is located.

How to choose a shoe rack?

- Evaluate the spaces available to you. To limit clutter, you can opt for a shoe rack with reduced depth that develops in height, or for a swivel model

- Make sure that the capacity of the shoe rack is sufficient, based on the number of shoes it will contain

- Prefer materials, models and finishes that best reflect the style of furniture already present in the home

- Make sure the shoe holder ensures a good air circulation, to prevent moisture and bad smells