Shower & Bath Taps

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Despite its practical main function, shower and bath taps can be a key tool in the decoration of your sink. To be successful in your choice, you must know the different models that exist, their technical characteristics, as well as their details in the design.

Types of faucets for shower and bathtub

The three basic types are:

• Mixers: With two handles and a color mark on each of them, blue indicating cold water and red, hot. Both the temperature and the amount of water are regulated manually using both hands, so sometimes it can be impractical.

• Handle faucets: Also known as mono controls. In this type, both the temperature and the water flow rate are regulated by a single lever. Turn the handle to the sides to regulate the temperature, and top to bottom for the amount of water.

• Thermostatic faucets: They have a more modern look. This type of faucets have two independent levers, one to control the temperature and another to control the amount of water. The main advantage is that, once the water temperature is chosen, it is automatically regulated.

Do not forget that, for your shower, you will need to acquire a shower head. Also, to have both options you can add an artichoke to the wall of your bathtub, or install it in it, next to the tap, with removable handle.

Also, for your choice you can look at other specific characteristics, such as:

• Water saving: Depending on the model, the tap will be designed for this purpose or you will need a specific accessory, such as the pearlizers.

• Taps with colored lights: Depending on the temperature, the water changes color. They do not need batteries, nor additional batteries.