Shower Curtain Rods

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Bath curtain rods, such as suction cups and other toilet accessories, are becoming easier to install and clean. In many occasions it is enough to screw them. It is important not to confuse the shower curtain rods with the door holders. Their appearance is similar, but they do not support the same weight.

How to install a shower curtain rod?

In general, the instructions come with the shower curtain rod, but it can be said that there are two types: the bars that need an installation with drills and screws and those that are placed under pressure. While the former are a bit more complex to place, the advantage is that they remain fixed throughout the life of the bar. Those that are placed under pressure are very easy to install: just extend the bar as necessary and screw the ends until the wall does not allow more movement. These bars tend to slip from time to time because of the humidity, but they are placed again with the same ease.

How to choose shower curtain rods?

- Measure the length you need to cover and make sure the bar is long enough.

- Shower curtains are usually light, but if yours weighs a little more, take care that the curtain rod has a strong fixing system.

- The material is important: the hard plastic has the advantage over the metal that it does not rust.