Shower Curtains

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Easy to install, the shower curtain is a practical solution to optimize the safety in a bathroom. It not only prevents splashes on the floor or nearby furniture, but also reduces the risk of bad falls. As part of the decoration of a bathroom, the shower curtains are available in a wide range of materials.

Fabric or PVC shower curtain?

The choice of material for shower curtains is not trivial. This has a significant impact on their quality and life span. PVC models are the most popular. Highly resistant to moisture, they are easy to maintain. Similarly, nylon curtains are easy to clean. Ensuring perfect impermeability, they remain less elegant. Giving a more classy look to a powder room, cotton models are usually lined with plastic or polyester. Prized for their aesthetic side, they wash themselves in a machine. Finally, those made of hemp fabric are more resistant to mold and bacteria. To make them waterproof, simply double their inside with a transparent shower curtain.

How to choose your shower curtain?

- Measure precisely your bath or shower to choose a perfectly adapted curtain.

- Let yourself be tempted by a waterproof and mold-resistant model, which will guarantee a longer life and limit the spread of bacteria.

- Opt for an original shower curtain that will brighten the decoration of your water feature.