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Shower faucets are one of those small details that can make a difference in a home renovation. Not only because they must work properly to get the right temperature, but since part of the household savings also depends on them. In this sense it is necessary to install them properly so that they do not drip. Aesthetically, shower faucets can determine the character of a bathroom. It is recommended that they are not very different from the rest of the taps.

Shower faucets that change color?

Actually the change of color of the water is only due to the shower faucets indirectly. There are some shower models that have an LED light whose color changes according to the temperature of the water, and it is the tap that controls the temperature. Thus, when choosing cold water, the LED lamp of the shower will show a blue or violet light; while warm or hot water will show the orange or red spectrum.

How to choose shower faucets?

- Look at the quality of the materials. You do not want them to rust inside or out, or that the rubber bands they adjust to give themselves. This is important to avoid dripping and maximize savings.

- It is a good idea not to mix with the faucets of the sink and the bidet.

- Be careful with the size. The most modern tend to be smaller and also more manageable.

- Consult, if possible, with the person who is going to install them.

- It is a good idea that the temperature selector is different from the water quantity selector. This saves electricity or gas.