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The mobile phone market is constantly expanding and often the choice is really difficult: between programs and applications more or less useful, the world of telephony offers an infinite number of services that are worth having if they are actually used. In general, before the purchase it is good to evaluate the main characteristics of the devices in order to compare the various models. The functionality related to hardware technology to be taken into greater consideration is certainly memory. This is divided into RAM (Random Access Memory), which indicates the ability to support applications and services in the background, and internal memory (storage) often expandable through an SD card. Nowadays, with an average use of the mobile phone, it is essential to have at least 1 GB of RAM, while the internal memory is quantified with sizes usually between 4 and 32 GB and is used to store photos, videos and other data. As a result, the greater the need to keep long-term files on your phone, the higher the relative internal memory size will be. Another important assessment to make before the final choice of the cell phone is the battery life, especially in cases where it is not replaceable. Smartphones have a reputation for downloading very soon, but even in this case it depends a lot on the model. A fast and intuitive way to know the real capacity of the battery is to read the voice regarding the duration of video playback, which quantifies in a rather precise manner as the phone will remain on with the active screen. Other options, such as the size of the display and the megapixels of the camera, assume importance depending on the use to which it is intended or individual preferences.

What are the characteristics to consider for the first smartphone?

When choosing the first mobile phone for a child or a boy it is important to carefully evaluate some parameters. First, the size of the display: the wider the screen, the more delicate it will be, without forgetting that even the battery consumption is directly proportional to its size. A 4-inch screen can be a good compromise between image definition and impact resistance. An expedient that can be very useful concerns the operating system: the main smartphone models are equipped with Android, ioS ​​(Apple) or Windows (Microsoft), choosing the same operating system as the parents' mobile phone - which probably the boy has already had to know - it facilitates the immediate use of the device, simplifying its use. Last, but not least, consideration is to look for models that integrate the function of "parental control", a filter that allows you to select which contents can be viewed during navigation, thus avoiding that the boy inadvertently runs into inappropriate images or videos for the his age.

How to choose between mobile offers?

- Consider, according to your needs, the types of hardware components as previously specified (to be found on the product data sheet)

- choose the preferred operating system, remembering that when we talk about Symbian OS or Java ME we refer to the so-called "old generation cell phones" (therefore not to a smartphone)

- evaluate both the possibility of expanding the internal memory through an SD card and that of being able to replace the existing battery

- consider any accessories depending on the use to which it is intended, for example a portable battery charger is the most practical solution in case of stay away from home throughout the day