Ski Mountings & Carriers

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The white week is the happiest time of the year for winter sports enthusiasts. You pack your bags carefully and try to remember every single item of equipment for your snow adventures. But how to carry the main items, ie skis and a snowboard?

Their length indeed requires adequate space, often made available only from the roof of their car. However, this solution requires special ski supports.

How to choose the roof rack

The ski carrier supports are generally two bars to be placed transversely on the car roof. These bars are generally openable with a snap mechanism and the skis and snowboards must be passed through them.

Two factors are of fundamental importance in choosing the ski carrier: the shape of the roof of your car and the number of items to be transported.

There are models to be attached to the roof bars pre-installed on the cars. In general this operation is carried out by screws and guarantees maximum stability and safety. Alternatively, there are also models that hook directly to the car profiles.

However, if you do not have a machine equipped with roof racks or if you want to avoid installation procedures, magnetic connections are available: just rest on the car roof and the installation is complete.

Obviously, however, the roof must be made of metal: therefore the soft top or fiberglass roofs are not good. Furthermore, in the case of particularly arched roofs, the support may not adhere perfectly.

The width of these supports, on the other hand, affects the number of items that can be transported: from the smallest models, able to house a single table or pair of skis, to the models that can hold 5 pairs of skis.

Those who own a particularly high car can then opt for models with a sliding trolley, which makes loading and unloading easier.