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Connected watches, beyond the gadget!

Connected objects and multimedia devices at your wrist scale, connected watches are not just used to tell the time. This new generation of connected wristbands offers a series of functions to use every day to receive notifications that range from social networks to your emails to your heart rate. A little electronic jewel, the connected watch is also used to call and receive text messages once you insert a SIM card or directly connected in Bluetooth to your phone or your computer / tablet. Whether you are looking for a connected watch model for women, men or children, you will find your happiness among our selection.

What are the advantages of a connected watch / smartwatch?

Rather than clutter a series of devices, opt for one of the many connected watches can combine elegance and technology. Install useful applications for your daily life to stay informed of the weather, your sports performances or your professional appointments. Modern or classic design, find the elegance of a round clock with hands or the delicate minimalism of a touch screen. Discreet and practical, it is found in all its forms (classic or sport) to adapt to all circumstances. Compatible with many operating systems, from Android to iOS, connected watches can be recharged at home or on the road, by USB or through induction charging stations.

How to choose a connected watch?

The compatibility of your smartwatch with your other high-tech devices or multimedia tools will depend on the operating system you use most often, (Android, iOS, etc.)

Choose from our selection of connected watches according to the functions it offers (GPS, frequency monitor, alarm clock, calendar ...).

Round or square, synthetic or leather bracelet, classic or modern design, there is something for everyone.