Snare Drums

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Snare drum: A must have for every drummer

Snare drums are a part of every drum kit, as they form the little drum, which is covered with fur on both sides and has Schnarr strings on the resonant head. The snare drums, originally from military music, nowadays find their place in many classical orchestras, as well as in mannequins.

Which snare drum for beginners?

For beginners, the so-called snare drum starter sets, which have a 14 '' damper pad for a quiet practice and a height-adjustable stand. Thus, the first exercises can be completed simply and focused, without losing sight of the essentials. Functionality and a high-quality processing of the materials are in the foreground here, making the snare drums also interesting for professionals.

How to choose the right snare drum?

- Are you a beginner or already a pro? If you still want to be close to playing the drums, you should prefer a light and not too deep snare drum. This can be played very easily in the Spielmannszug or orchestra. For professionals, however, their own musical taste comes first. Here should be judged, which snare drum suits which music genre best.

- Should the snare drum be used in the symphony orchestra? So that the snare drums do not destroy the often warm string sound in the symphony orchestra, materials such as plywood or solid wood are used, which give the snare drum a more open acoustics for a particularly harmonious interplay.