Snow Socks

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Snow socks are polyester coatings to be applied on wheels to avoid slipping on snow or ice.

Their invention, dating back to the 1980s, is one of the most classic examples of "need that sharpens ingenuity". It seems that their inventor, the Norwegian Bård Løtveit, found himself stuck in the snow one day and without chains at hand. In the absence of anything else, to be able to create a friction that allowed him to move on the snow, he decided to cut his shirt in two and use the two parts to coat the wheels of his car. The extemporaneous remedy worked and led to the invention of snow socks, which spread to various parts of the world.

How to choose and use snow socks

Snow socks have a number of advantages over chains. First of all in terms of space: as they are made of fabric and not of metal, they fold up easily, take up less space and are very light. Furthermore, they do not change the driving feeling when you are behind the wheel.

Precisely because of their smaller size, they can also be used on cars fitted with non-chainable wheels. In general, then, their positioning is simpler and less laborious: they must be applied to the driving wheels and self-centered once the machine has started up.

When choosing, you must first consider the measures, to make sure that the model chosen is compatible with your type of wheel. This information, together with the list of compatible wheel types, is however easily verifiable as it is shown on the package.

We must also consider the conditions in which they will be used. In fact, snow socks are effective only on icy roads or hard snow: they are not effective on snow-water and deteriorate quickly if used on clean asphalt. Therefore, their purchase is not advisable for traffic in the city, where snow quickly turns to mush, or in areas where people often enter the tunnel.