Sofa Slipcovers

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If you want to hide a lingering stain or the tired look of your sofa, you may be tempted by a sofa cover. Trendy, this accessory of decoration will offer a second youth to your old couch. Easy to clean, these protective covers are also machine washable or dry. Especially useful if you have young children or animals, they can perfectly cover your sofas, whether with or without armrests, and bring a warm touch. Another important advantage: these fabric protections allow you to follow your decor desires of the moment without breaking the bank. Indeed, they are an inexpensive and easy to implement solution to quickly change design in all types of salons, classic or contemporary. Available in a multitude of colors ranging from midnight blue to anthracite gray, including raspberry red, these covers adapt to all forms of sofas, whether it is a model of angle, of a sofa bed, an armchair or a couch. Their composition in cotton, linen, velvet, microfiber, even PVC, guarantees a unique and friendly atmosphere. To summarize, a sofa cover protects your furniture, while giving you the opportunity to revamp your living room to suit your mood.

Sofa covers: what are the characteristics of the different models?

The sofa covers come in standard or adjustable sizes. As their name implies, standard protections are suitable for furniture with classic dimensions. Easily adaptable to sofas type sofa bed or BZ, they cover without any adjustment and partially the back and the seat of your indoor furniture. For their part, the adjustable sofa covers are either adjustable through a fastening system (elastic straps or knots), or by extension through a stretch fabric. These have the advantage of covering the back of the folder. Easily attached, the adjustable covers also help to avoid the unsightly appearance caused by a model too large or too small.

How to choose your sofa cover?

- Remember to take the precise measurements of your sofa, that is to say its width, height and length, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

- Harmonize your protective cover with the main decorative elements of your room, including the color of curtains, furniture, wallpaper and floor.

- Use resistant materials and dark colors, which are less afraid of stains, especially if your cat has a tendency to set your sights on your sofa or if your little one can not help scribbling everywhere.

- Work on a stretchy cotton, polyester and elastane model for the practical side.

- Opt for a generously quilted sofa cover to enjoy a soft comfort.

- Prefer a preformed microfiber model to enjoy a perfect finish. Expandable and comfortable, it will perfectly fit the shapes of your sofa.

- Favor protective covers with anti-stain treatment to simplify your daily life.

- Let yourself be tempted by models with knots to optimize the aesthetic rendering of your living room.