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We know that the sofa is the king of the living room. It concentrates the vast majority of relaxing moments in your home. And, therefore, in our offer of lounge sofas we have a wide variety of models and designs. In our selection of sofas you can find the perfect sofa for your living room, that is, the sofa that best fits your decoration, allowing you to sit comfortably to read a book or to see your favorite series.

Tips for choosing a sofa

Among so many models and designs, choosing a sofa for the living room can be a complicated task. Your decision has to be well founded and for this you must ask yourself what type of sofa you need. There is no doubt that the sofa is an element of decoration for the living room, but it is also one of the most used furniture, whether to read, watch television, take a nap or even work. Here are four factors that can help you choose the perfect sofa for your home:

• Dimensions: The first thing you have to do is measure the space you have at home to place the sofa. In this way you already discard models that are too wide or long. In addition, to get the furniture in your living room to be provided, you must choose a sofa whose measurements are adequate in relation to the total dimensions of the space you have.

• Squares: The sofa usually becomes a meeting place, so it is important that it can accommodate all members of the family. Choose a sofa that has enough seats for all the inhabitants of the home. You can also get a place for everyone by combining sofas from different places or adding armchairs. There are a thousand and one combinations.

• Material: The stuffing of sofas can be made of synthetic materials, feathers, foam or hybrids. The upholstery of the sofa is usually made of natural fabric, leather or synthetic materials such as polyurethane or polyester. The choice of a material or another will determine the price of the sofa, as well as the cleaning tasks that you have to carry out.

• Design: Finally you should ask yourself if you want a printed sofa, with a smooth tone or combining both options. In addition, you should check if the colors you choose fit with the rest of the room decoration.

What types of sofa can we find?

Making a closed list of sofa types is practically impossible. However, there are some models that are worth having in mind when buying a sofa. Depending on the characteristics of the space in which you are going to place it, you have different options: sofas in the shape of an "L", corner sofas or modular sofas. The latter are those that offer greater flexibility, since they are divided into different pieces that can be distributed freely. Another option that may interest you is a sofa type chaise longue.

You can also consider if you need your sofa to be multifunction. In that case, you may want to buy a sofa bed. This type of sofa is ideal if you need an extra bed, and there are also models that adapt to the space as, for example, the corner sofa beds. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sofa whose features can be completely adapted to you, what you need is an ergonomic sofa. These sofas are equipped with extendable seats and reclining backrests.