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Ideal to flourish with fun, forms to sort and stack accompany the development of toddlers from 6 months. At this age, they are truly an essential activity for the awakening of the child. Master your movements, recognize the volumes, identify the sizes, so many skills that baby can acquire between concentration and enchantment. With their colorful geometric patterns, sorting and stacking games have it all.

What does your child learn with shapes to sort and stack?

Allowing for skill in movement, sorting and stacking games increase motor skills. To observe, to grasp and to tidy up, the very small child learns to coordinate his eyes and his hands. Enticing color obliges, it puts them in the mouth towards 6 months, way for him to discover what surrounds it. Then comes the time to learn how to order. The growing forms allow him to follow a logic in their arrangement. Finally, from 18 months, he begins to differentiate volumes and colors, which allows him to engage in a construction activity.

How to choose shapes to sort and stack?

- Ideal from 6 months, the pyramid of rings makes it possible to easily put shapes on a stem then then to arrange them by size.

- With its different geometric volumes, the shape sorter allows you to drag the right modules into the right holes.

- From 2 years old, the stack of cubes to stack decorated with letters invites to embark on the recognition of the alphabet.