Speaker Stands

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Acoustic diffusion systems are present both in private homes, as well as in rehearsal rooms of bands and in public spaces intended to host concerts and shows. Whether it's portable speakers, like those to be connected to the computer, or massive sound boxes for TV, stereo and live music, in any case, speaker stands are needed to support the loudspeakers, so that the sounds propagate from the right position in the whole environment.

What types of speaker stands exist?

The main types of speaker stands are those on the ground and those on the walls. In the first case, we are dealing with pedestals of various sizes, to be placed on the floor to raise the crates from the ground. The wall supports, on the other hand, are fixed to the wall using a simple screw mounting. Of course, the wall boxes have smaller dimensions than those that can be placed on the ground.

How to choose speaker stands?

- Consider the use and type of cases in question: for rectangular TV cases, for example, the arms that can be fixed to the wall are strategic, which you can mount on the bedroom or living room wall and adjust in the desired direction

- Portable PC speakers can be easily placed on the desk via a simple table stand

- For professional speakers from rehearsal rooms and concert halls, opt for column supports with integrated cable duct, which also make life easier for stage technicians