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Measure the speed of your motor vehicle with a speedometer

Tachometers can be defined as the instruments for real-time measurement of the speed of any means of transport. Designed at the end of the nineteenth century with the name of velocimeter, the device has been gradually perfected over the years, until it assumed a nomenclature and precise and distinct characteristics depending on the type of vehicle for which it is intended. On board an aircraft, for example, its function is performed by the so-called airspeed indicator, while on boats the same instrument is referred to as a Pitot tube.

Mechanical, analog and digital: what are the differences between the models?

Based on the operating mechanism and the signal transmission system, the tachometers can be classified into mechanical, analogue and digital. The latter also have a different type of interface and carry out the detection of the speed of the vehicle by means of a magnetic probe, which is connected to the wheel to record its movement.

How to choose a speedometer?

- The presence of a led backlight system on the device can simplify the reading in low light conditions or during night driving

- Check the compatibility of the chosen model with the type of vehicle you intend to use it for: the maximum speed measurement value of most speedometers is around 160 km / h

- The detection point used by the device can be represented, in addition to the wheel, by the pinion of the final transmission.