Spin Dryers

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For many, the spin dryer seems safe as a relic from days gone by. Something that may be known from Grandma's bathroom. But the truth is that it can save a lot of energy and time. Especially if you have a big family, it's worth going through the spin dryers between the washer and the dryer to become more efficient.

How exactly does the spin dryer work?

The spin dryer dries the clothes using centrifugal forces. But how does that work exactly? Well, first of all the laundry is put in the top. It then lands in the interior in a rotatable drum, which is littered with holes similar to a sieve. When the spin dryer is now closed, this drum starts moving at a fairly high speed. This creates the so-called centrifugal forces, which press the laundry to the drum wall and thereby extract the water. This then exits through the holes and is drained from the bottom of the spin dryer via an outlet. Then the laundry can be removed.

How dry are the clothes with the spin dryer really?

If you buy a spin dryer to replace the dryer, you are on the wrong track. With the drum no cupboard-dry result can be achieved. The moisture is only reduced. However, this happens so far that it saves a lot of energy and time. The dryer does not need to be used as long after using the spin dryer. Also, the laundry does not have to be hung up too long. Some even reach the iron after the spin to get the desired garment dry again.