Welcome to High Quality Store Spirits Collection

Enjoy a good whiskey, try an exotic gin or refine a cocktail with rum: spirits must not be missing in any well-stocked bar. The high-percentage stimulants are indispensable as a soloist or as a companion in mixed drinks.

Which spirits are there?

Gin, rum, tequila and vodka are typical spirits for cocktails - tequila is also a popular party drink as a shot with salt and lemon. Whiskey, however, is enjoyed by connoisseurs most pure. This also applies to Cognac, Armagnac and Brandy. Of all the spirits you will find here a variety of varieties. They range from cheap rum varieties to whiskeys that have been stored for 16 years or more.

How to choose spirits

- Pure or mixed? If you drink a pure spirit, the aromas are an important purchase criterion. When it comes to whiskey, it's best to go for single malts, but blended whiskeys are more for cocktails. Gin may have a stronger juniper note for pure enjoyment.

- As a gift or for personal use? As a gift rare spirits or special editions are excellent. If you want to enjoy the drinks yourself, spirits can also be bought in handy large bottles - they will not be bad after all.

- Sweet or rather spicy? If you like sweet taste, liqueurs are the best choice, even absinthe and sambuca taste slightly sweet. Friends of the spicy spirits tend to like gin or peaty whiskey varieties.