Split-System Air Conditioners

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Split air conditioners, also called inverter air conditioners, are based on heat pump technology. Thus, they are considered as efficient and environmentally responsible technology.

What speaks for a split air conditioner?

Split air conditioners consist of one unit each for outside and inside. Therefore, they do not require an outgoing exhaust hose. Compared to a conventional mobile air conditioner or a monoblock unit, a split air conditioner achieves the desired temperature more quickly. However, the strongest argument for split air conditioners is their significantly lower power consumption. However, they tend to be more expensive to buy.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a split air conditioner?

- Does the device have the function of dehumidification? Dehumidified air is perceived as cooler and more comfortable than non-dehumidified air at the same temperature. The function of dehumidification is therefore a comfort factor.

- What is the power consumption of the device? The level of power consumption determines the operating cost of the device.

- How powerful is cooling? Time here is the performance index - it's about how fast the desired cooling is achieved.

- How strong is the heating power? Some devices have very high heating capacities. They offer the option to dispense with additional heating systems and to heat conveniently with electricity.

- How loud are the operating sounds? The noise level caused is especially significant at night.

- How many parts does the system consist of? Not the purchase price alone decides how cheap the plant is. Small-scale deliveries can result in higher assembly costs.