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The spoiler is an attachment that belongs in the field of vehicle tuning. It is attached to the rear of the vehicle. Depending on the body and the vehicle model, it can be mounted on the tailgate or over the rear window. The attachment takes place through boreholes. The production of a bond is not recommended. Even a very powerful glue can come off over time. This poses a risk for subsequent vehicles at high speeds.

The tuning of cars has a very long tradition. It came up with the invention of flat sports cars and served to improve the road holding. Today, the spoiler can be retrofitted in almost all vehicles. For a chic look, the livery of the spoiler in body color is recommended. When purchased almost all models have an anthracite-colored, uniform design and are made of a solid plastic. If you do without paint, it does not look very appealing. Another problem is that the plastic can fade over time and become brittle. Since the manufacturers assume that the spoiler is completely coated with a paint, it is not a weatherproof and UV-stable plastic.

Why do you attach spoilers to the car?

Spoilers are considered as an attachment for very fast vehicles that have a flat design. If these vehicles are traveling at high speeds, the driving behavior is positively influenced. The spoiler pushes the vehicle onto the road and ensures optimum roadholding.

Many fans of the car tuning decide to attach spoilers to vehicles that are slower and designed as a classic sedan or station wagon. In these vehicles, the spoiler does not affect the driving behavior. Rather, they have the purpose of visually altering the vehicle.

How to choose a spoiler

- Does the spoiler fit my vehicle? Before you decide to buy the spoiler, you should look at the technical specifications. The specifications list all vehicles that can be equipped with this particular model. If your vehicle is not listed, you must choose another make. Make sure that you indicate the year and the structure of your vehicle. Hatchback vehicles require a different model than estate cars or flat sports cars. Basically, the spoilers are not universally suitable. If you have the vehicle registration of your vehicle ready for purchase, you will quickly find the right product through the type designation.

- Which accessories do I need for the attachment? As a rule, the manufacturers supply the spoilers with the complete installation material. This includes not only the screws, but also a template for the exact fixation of the spoiler on the tailgate of the vehicle or on the rear window in a station wagon. The screws, nuts and washers are also included. You need tools to fix the spoiler. These include a drill and a toolbox with various wrenches and screwdrivers.