Steam Cleaners

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For cleaning carpets and rugs, the classic tools like brooms and vacuum cleaners often do not have much effectiveness. On absorbent fabrics it is essential to use vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners that, in addition to eliminating dirt, sanitize, washing surfaces and floors with a high temperature steam jet that kills mites and germs. In case of dust allergies, steam cleaners are particularly effective for relieving symptoms and are very effective even if used without soaps and detergents.

How to choose a steam cleaner

There are different types of steam cleaners, with a more or less compact design and different performances:

• Tow-type steam cleaners have a pressure boiler connected to the water from which the jet of steam escapes as an external water tank. they are not compact models but on the other hand the tube is long and manageable. They are equipped with interchangeable terminations such as spouts and brushes to be used not only on floors but also on sofas, windows, doors and any other type of surface. They are also models for professional use, as the boiler guarantees a very high temperature heating and an easy and quick cleaning; they are employed in cleaning facilities such as hotels and businesses.

• Compact steam cleaners are the most comfortable model if you do not have too much space because they are made of a single piece; the water can easily be added continuously without waiting (as in boiler models) that the tank has cooled down. They are generally equipped with a triangular tip to eliminate even the dirt in the corners.

• Steam guns have the shape and size of a sprayer, but offer the same features and performance as a steam cleaner, they are not models suitable for large surfaces such as floors, but with the most delicate functions can be used on clothes .

• Steam vacuum cleaners are generally professional models that combine the function of a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner, to have a complete cleaning and sanitation in a single instrument.