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If you are thinking of buying an ironing center, it is because you have decided to make your life easier while still looking like a brush, with neat clothes and without unsightly wrinkles. It is true, the ironing centers are quoted better than the plates but, how they help in the task of straightening the clothes. These are essential gadgets in homes where the load of laundry and ironing is very voluminous, although they are also ideal for those who live alone or as a couple and do not intend to spend their leisure time and rest with a iron in hand. As the only disadvantage you can think that an ironing center takes up a lot of closet space although, once you get used to using it, this detail matters little to you.

Among its benefits, it stands out the size of its deposit, which can reach to contain a liter of water, compared to the 300 ml capacity of a steam iron, and also that you can find spare parts with ease. In addition, an ironing center allows you to fill the tank without waiting for the appliance to cool down, and its irons are very comfortable to use. Imagine, with a steam center at home you could iron shirts, polo shirts, trousers and blouses without getting mad, and if you see that the pants or other garments beat you, a trouser press and a steam generator will end your despair.

How to use an ironing center?

To take advantage of an ironing center you can accumulate a large volume of clothes and iron at once, because the task will not be hard for you. This is because, thanks to the fact that the water tank is independent of the iron, it is lighter and more pleasant to use. In addition, an ironing center is perfect for straightening garments that resist high temperatures, such as jeans, since the strength of the steam facilitates the action of heat.

A recommendation to take into account to keep your ironing center in good condition is to avoid the use of hard water. This type of water contains a lot of lime, which can damage the surfaces, valves and boilers of the appliance. If you have little practice with the ironing board, you may want to think about buying a vertical ironing center, which has a brush that applies steam and heat to clothes hanging on a hanger.

How to choose an ironing center?

- One of the main virtues of an ironing center is the capacity of your water tank. The best idea is to buy one with unlimited autonomy, since those of limited autonomy force to suspend the task to carry out the recharge.

- A very important feature when buying an ironing center is the power of it. The higher the power, the higher the energy consumption, it is true, although it will also be a superior efficiency ironing center.

- It also evaluates the pressure offered by the device, that is, the force and the steam flow that leaves the plate. Regarding the pressure, with 4 bars it would be a great device. Imagine that a 6-bar ironing center, which there is, is a portento that offers magnificent steam blows.

- Take into account the material of the sliding surface of the plate. The steels and special ceramics are excellent. The enameled steel ones are also great, and the stainless steel ones are the ones that professionals choose. You can also find ironing centers with its aluminum plate. They are the lightest, although they offer less guarantees regarding the care of clothes.