Steam Irons

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Ironing clothes is a necessary task after washing. We all have clothes that we love, but that are wrinkled after washing and do not look the same as when we bought them. Thanks to the iron, we can smooth them, removing wrinkles and marks, leaving the perfect garment for use. The iron has thus become one of the essential elements of the home. Currently, the most common are steam irons, although in some homes we will also find ironing centers. Most of today's plates can smooth different types of fabrics, including synthetics, and there are very complete models with different useful functions, such as an easy shutdown or a retractable cable, among others.

Types of iron

At present, there are basically two types of plates in households: steam irons and ironing centers. If you are thinking about buying an iron and you do not know which one to choose, then we will explain the characteristics of each one:

• Steam iron: They have a small tank of water that is heated and allows them to produce steam. They are ideal for a small-medium size laundry or if you are one of those who only iron clothes that are very wrinkled. They heat up quickly, which is very useful when you want to iron only one garment and they do not take up much space, so they can be stored almost anywhere. We can find wireless steam irons and even travel steam irons, smaller and easier to transport.

• Ironing centers: They are suitable for large families or homes with large flows. They have a large independent water tank, to which the iron is connected by a cable, which makes it lighter than steam irons. Since the water tank is larger than that of the steam irons, it generates more steam, reducing the number of passes for the same wrinkle and offering a better result. Since they are more appropriate for professional use, their price is higher. As a drawback, it should be noted that they take up more space and take longer to warm up than steam irons.

How to choose a steam iron?

If you have decided to buy a steam iron, you probably want to consider some features that will help you in your decision:

• Power: The more power the iron has, the more power the steam will generate, which translates into better results.

• The type of sole: This can be metallic or ceramic. Both are durable and distribute heat evenly, but the ceramic soles are also non-stick. The number of orifices also influences, since the greater this one, the more uniform the distribution of the heat will be.

• The water tank: It is advisable to choose a deposit that is not too small, otherwise we will have to fill it constantly, using more time than if we chose a larger deposit.

• The weight: It is better to choose a model that does not weigh too much to be able to iron easier and more comfortable, since, if we choose a heavy iron, after a while our arms will notice it.

• The cable: We must ensure that the length of the cable adapts to our needs and that it is not too short.

• The system of self-cleaning: Some plates have this system together with an anti-lime filter, which prevents the formation of this in the sole, thus preventing jams and leaks.