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Clean each room with an electric broom

Unlike traditional brooms equipped with bristles of varying hardness that allow a brief cleaning of the rooms, electric brooms are distinguished by their ability to collect and eliminate dirt, sucking dust, mites and anything else that could compromise the quality of the air breathed. This appliance combines practicality and functionality and the presence inside the central body of the engine, the tank, the collecting tube and the suction head makes the product not bulky. The availability of a wide range of accessories, such as the parquet brush and the crevice nozzle, allows to reach otherwise inaccessible corners and to treat all surfaces, including the most delicate ones.

How do electric brooms work?

Electric brooms play two basic functions. On the one hand, they suck up dust from the floors, eliminating bacteria, allergens and mites. On the other side, it is possible to treat the padded items and mattresses with the appropriate accessories supplied. Even the typical elongated shape of this household appliance performs a dual function. On the one hand, it prevents the user from bending and, consequently, avoids the risk of subjecting the back to repeated stresses. On the other hand, it causes the suction product to be stored after use in a very small space. The models with the wire require, in order to work, the presence of a power outlet, while those powered by battery avoid the encumbrance of the wire, but the battery life is limited: after about sixty minutes of use at maximum power , a recharge must be performed. Suction brooms with paper or fabric bags prevent contact with dust when replacing the dust collector, while the bagless models have a tank in which dirt collects and which, once full, needs to be emptied and cleaned up. The presence of electronic power regulation makes it possible to modulate the suction capacity and save power in the case of surfaces that are easier to clean. The possible availability of filtering systems - to purify the air that returns to the club - improves the living comfort and meets the needs of those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. The accessories supplied in many models offer the opportunity to clean the entire apartment with just one appliance: for example, the telescopic tube allows you to work at height, while the flexible tube allows you to reach the narrow spaces between the furniture. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the existence of electric brooms that house inside a removable extractable container that can be used to clean small surfaces or to collect crumbs or other dirt on the sofa or in the bed.

How to choose an electric broom?

- Consider the weight, the manageability, the type of power supply and the power of the appliance

- Evaluate the length of the wire or the battery life and the capacity expressed in liters of the bag or dust collector

- Take into account the size of the vacuum cleaner and, if you have space problems, give preference to a model with a folding handle or holes on the handle to be hung on the wall or a model integrated by a system that allows the broom to stand up alone, without needing support

- If you need to clean different types of flooring, take into consideration the appliances equipped with accessories with felt wheels, special brushes for carpets, carpets and parquet, 360 degree rotating brushes and mini-brushes specific for the removal of animal hair