Storage Chests

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Such a nice big chest, for example made of wood, has something mysterious about it. Somehow you give our apartment the right touch and have a certain flair of adventure. A piece of furniture that used to be quite normal is today loaded with many features. Clearly, this is mainly due to film and television but that does not make the chest less attractive or practical. In addition, it can be individually designed and also decorated, which gives her a special touch. With a rustic look and metal studding and a heavy, heavy lock at the end of the bed, the chest also gives your bedroom the right atmosphere.

How does the chest really stand out?

The chest can be used universally and gives each room a little personality and also history. It can best be combined with other old and antique pieces of furniture. Since it can also store things that you do not need so often, it can be used individually. Thus, in addition to the classic placement at the end of the bed, the chest can also serve as a bedside table, for example. It can be placed on the side and equipped with shelves. But also as a coffee table or even as a seat combined with beautiful, oriental pillows is a stylish extension. Even as a chest of drawers, the chest is suitable. Especially bright colors are suitable for this purpose.

How is the chest properly maintained?

To keep the look of your trunk as long as possible, you should clean it regularly with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth. For complicated embellishments, you can reach the corners well with a cotton swab. If you have a wooden chest, it should also be polished every few months with a wood care product.