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The kitchen service trolleys are very practical furniture that will serve you both to order and store food, and to transport them comfortably to other rooms in the house. The also known as kitchen maids are versatile furniture that, thanks to its size and its wheels, you can place in any corner without bothering you, an ideal option if you have a small kitchen. Also, the service carts are a good option to serve food with a touch of elegance and sophistication in restaurants, caterin and different celebrations.

Which service car to choose?

When choosing a service car you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

• Functionality: There are different types of kitchen maids, from simple models with several shelves for storage of food, such as Ikea greengrocer, to much more complete furniture with drawers and bottle racks. To transport small amounts of food comfortably, a simple cart with a top tray and a lower shelf will be useful, while, if you think of this furniture as a versatile place for food storage, you should opt for one that incorporates more elements. Rate the use you are going to give and choose the one that best suits your needs.

• Robustness: Make sure that the cart you are going to acquire is made with robust materials and that its finish is solid. For domestic use, models that combine metal structure and trays with hard plastic wheels are usually sufficient. While, for professional purposes it is better to rely on stainless steel service carts with solid rubber wheels, which will provide greater strength, stability and durability for heavy use.

• Style: If you are looking for a kitchen maid for storage, design is also an important aspect. You can find cars with more classic styles in wood or bamboo, and more modern ones with combinations of metal and hard plastic, so you can choose the one that best suits the look of your kitchen.

• Wheels: They can be hard plastic, which are cheaper, or solid rubber, which offer better cushioning. It is important that the locking system is resistant and easy to use, to ensure that you can use the surface of your service cart with guarantees.

• Load: Check the maximum weight that the kitchen maid can support to make sure that she will transport and store everything you need with safety and guarantees.

• Size: Pay attention to the dimensions of the cart and the space you have in the kitchen, to ensure that you can place it without problems. Being a mobile furniture, it is recommended that you also take into account the width of the doors of the house.

Why use service cars in restaurants?

Service carts can be a great professional tool for your business. This type of furniture will make a pleasant impression to your clients, giving your establishment a distinguished and sophisticated touch while attracting your attention to the products on them, which may favor your selling options. In addition, it is a very useful piece of furniture to transport large quantities of food in a simple way, which can save time and help you when carrying large bowls and dishes.

You can choose to purchase a standard service cart or one specially designed for desserts, drinks, cheeses or hors d'oeuvres, among others, with specific characteristics to favor the exhibition and conservation of each product.