Storage Trunks

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Even today, a trunk or overseas suitcase is associated with wanderlust, adventurousness and the scent of the big, wide world. They arrived at the same time as the first tourist activities. The wealthy bourgeoisie soon found it a good thing to go on a pleasure or educational trip. Even with a crossing by cruise ship to America you proved your own worldliness. Of course, elegant luggage also included fine luggage made of high-quality materials. Whether nobleman or Hollywood diva: Who held something to himself, had his suitcases of exclusive suitcase manufacturers made to measure. Today, the nostalgic trunks are a popular retro furniture.

Which different trunk cases are there?

Today's trunks provide a stylish piece of furniture and have very different functions. The spectrum ranges from the storage box to the rollable wardrobe to the luggage bar in a classy wood look.

How to choose the right trunk box?

- Should wine be stored in the trunk? For wine lovers there are special suitcases, in which not only wine bottles can be accommodated, but also utensils such as glasses, trays or bottle openers.

- Should clothes be accommodated in the trunk? Many drawers and a good room layout ensure optimal storage of various garments.

- Should cosmetics be deposited in the trunk? If you own many cosmetics, you will find plenty of storage space thanks to the numerous boxes and compartments in the practical closet cases.