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The suitcase is a fundamental element in any trip, so you should not neglect your choice. With it you will transport your clothes, work tools and various personal belongings, so you have to pay special attention to acquire one. The ideal suitcase will be the one that allows you to transport everything you need, from one place to another, in a comfortable and safe way.

What travel suitcase to buy?

If you want to guess when buying your travel bag or suitcase, you must take into account the following characteristics:

• Materials: There are suitcases with rigid or semi-rigid casings and others made of soft materials. Rigid travel bags will have greater resistance to knocks and falls, so they are a good choice for better protection of your luggage, while those with soft materials will be more comfortable to transport, especially as carry-on luggage.

• Size and capacity: The capacity of your travel suitcase will depend on the amount of things you can transport in it, but the larger it is, the greater its size and weight, so it will be less comfortable and versatile. In addition, it is important to note that most airlines allow you to check the price of the ticket about 20 kilos, and that in hand luggage there are standard measures that you must meet if you want to allow you to travel with him in the cabin . Travel bags have higher prices as their capacity increases.

• Wheels: Most suitcases bring built-in wheels, since they offer much more convenience when transporting them. There are models of two wheels and others that bring four, which will make the difference when you have to pull them. In this case, the choice of one or the other responds to a question of personal tastes, choose one whose traction will be more comfortable.

• Handle: try to choose a travel suitcase with adjustable extensible handle, so you can adapt it to your height and to each situation in a simple way.

• Interior: in addition to making sure that the inner lining is of quality, it does not hurt to buy a suitcase with straps that allow you to fix the luggage, for greater security and so that the clothes do not wrinkle. If you also have separate internal compartments, you can better organize the content to locate everything you need immediately.

What suitcase or travel bag to choose for each occasion?

Each trip has specific characteristics that will require you to choose a suitcase or bag, or another. For a pleasure trip, that you have planned with time and in which you will be during a long period, you should think about buying a suitcase with great capacity in which you can enter all the luggage that you will need. In addition, it is recommended that you accompany this large suitcase with a handy travel bag or backpack more versatile and comfortable, which will serve you both for the trip to the destination and to transport objects once you are there.

On the contrary, for business trips it is better to opt for more manageable alternatives, such as trolleys or handbags, which will allow you to transport both clothes and laptops or tablets in a comfortable and simple way. In addition, both these and small travel bags will allow you to assemble basic luggage quickly, a good option for those who, for work reasons, unexpected trips arise from one day to another.

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