Swimming Pools

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The pool is the ideal relaxing element for the garden. Perfect for evacuating stress after work or to enjoy the sun without leaving home, it is also a paradise for children, conducive to their awakening and their good health. This family reunion can be a way to increase the heritage value of your property or simply embellish it. There is now a multitude of possibilities to choose your pool according to the budget, the available space and the various accessories for heating, safety or fitness equipment for example.

Which type of swimming pool to choose?

A wide choice is available for you to install a pool: depending on the space available in your garden, you can install an oval, round or rectangular. If you are cramped, buying a small pool can be very beneficial! But first of all you will have to choose between above ground or excavated: this is the first element to be determined.
Above ground pools are economical and convenient to install. In-ground or in-ground pools, which are more luxurious and comfortable, may however require a building permit and represent professional work that must be done by masons. However these two types of pools can be sold as a kit, which has the advantage of being faster to install. Finally, make life easier with automatic maintenance equipment: a water treatment diffuser (chlorinator), a salt chlorinator or an automatic pH regulator. This kind of equipment will bring you a certain serenity regarding the treatment of water.

How to choose a pool?

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the available space?
  • Do you need more accessories? Toboggans, lights, etc.
  • The use will be more for children or adults?