Swings & Chair Bouncers

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Baby bouncers and baby rockers are the ideal accessory as an alternative to strollers and prams. The bouncer can in fact be used to let the baby play, sleep and eat or simply to make it sit and enjoy the world around, having greater visual and sound stimulation.

In general, bouncers are recommended for infants up to 6 months and, depending on the model, with a maximum of 9 kg. This limit is dictated by the fact that many children start around that age to sit alone, and may therefore slip.

It is a simple and light accessory to carry, ideal for travel and short visits.

Which baby bouncer to choose

There are various types of baby bouncers, different according to their functions.

The standard bouncers are the simplest models, characterized by an adjustable backrest and manual rocking. To these you can add a colorful and musical carousel, with colored lights and toys in the shape of little animals, stars and much more; the bouncer will swing every time the child manages to grab one of the toys, while the music will allow him to relax and play in peace.

The baby bouncer with massage, on the other hand, is equipped with a mechanism that massages the back and the head, cradling the child with soothing musiche. Other models instead have a swing mechanism, similar to that of a swing, which can also recreate the swing in the arms of the parents. In this case, it is important to keep the baby under control, to avoid any risks.

The multi-function bouncer includes all the previous functions, thus acting as a seat, cradle and swing.