Table Runners

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Especially on festive occasions a table runner is used. They are usually about half as wide as the table and are laid in the middle. They offer a colorful accent to the otherwise white tablecloth. If there are only two place settings at the opposite ends of the table, which are "connected" by the table runner, one speaks of a tête-à-tête ("head to head").

What material you can consider for your table runner and how you can stock up on your board, you can find out here.

Which material is suitable as a table runner?

Mostly cotton is used as material for table runners. This is very easy to clean and can be done even with stubborn dirt from food scraps and drink drops easily into the washing machine. Table runners made of cotton are also available in different shapes and colors as well as patterns that make it possible to cover the table for any occasion.

Often also felt is used. This creates a somewhat rustic charm. Felt is particularly easy to remove from superficial dirt, such as breadcrumbs. Here is enough already a brush or a vacuum cleaner. For more difficult stains hand washing is required: The felt should first be slightly wetted, then rubbed with shampoo or heavy duty detergent and rinsed afterwards. After drying, the felt can be re-painted, even an iron with light steaming can help.

For a particularly high-quality material, there are table runners made of satin or silk. However, these are not very easy to care for, which can be difficult because the runner will sooner or later come into contact with leftovers. Optically, satin or silk, however, make a lot.

Table runners made of bamboo are handed down from Asia. It is very stable and therefore a slightly harder surface than the previously mentioned substances. To care enough here wiping with a damp cloth and possibly some dishwashing detergent. The table runner should then dry well before you roll it up or reuse it.

Table linen: You still need that for the perfectly laid table

A table runner is a great highlight in the table decoration. He revalues ​​the board and gives it the very elegant touch. But only he alone does not make a dining table perfect.

• The tablecloth

Of course, this should match the size and shape of the table. The overhang should be about 20 to 30 centimeters per side, but depending on the taste, it can also be larger or narrower. The important thing is that he does not come into contact with the seat of the chairs. Cotton is also recommended as a material, but linen is also traditionally used. White is very popular in color, but even a light gray or blue can look very nice; Of course, this can always be adapted to the occasion.

• napkins

For special occasions it may sometimes be cloth napkins. These should be a maximum of 50x50 centimeters. Again cotton is a good choice when it comes to the material. Paper napkins are now available in higher quality, so their reputation is not quite as bad as it was some time ago.

• Hussen

Hussen are there to make a piece of furniture look more elegant. For example, they are available for chairs, bar tables or beer tent sets. They are closed fabric covers that are draped and wrapped completely around the furniture, creating a great look. Thus, even the simplest equipment can be upgraded in no time.

• Skirtings

Derived from the English word "skirt", which means "skirt", skirtings are a kind of hat. They are not closed, but, like a skirt, open at the bottom. So you can "throw it over" rather than drape it. You are welcome to use skirtings at buffets.