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Since the Middle Ages, the tablecloth is an indispensable accessory related to the arts of the table. Used initially as a towel to wipe the hands and mouth, this large piece of fabric has become over time an essential decorative object highlighting the dishes. It finally allows you to simply enjoy a meal around a beautiful table.

What tablecloth to put on a round table?

Square, rectangular, oval, the shapes that can take the tables are multiple and involve adapting to find the tablecloth that will fit them like a glove. If your table top is round, a model of identical shape will be perfect. However, it is possible to position a rectangular sheet: well centered, it will offer a harmonious fall.However, it remains important to know the adequate dimensions of your tablecloth. It is therefore preferable to choose a model of 130 to 150 cm for 2 to 4 covers, a diameter of 180 cm for 6 covers and 235 cm for 8 to 10 covers. Know that a tablecloth chosen according to these recommendations will be even more chic if you add twenty centimeters. By overflowing its ends around your round table, you will indeed get a sleek and graceful fall.

How to choose your tablecloth?

- Choose the color of your tablecloth according to the dominant shade of your furniture, your walls, but also your cutlery and plates. For example, red will give vitality and modernity to an interior whose tones are mostly neutral. If you pair it with white porcelain plates, the contrast will bring relief to your kitchen or dining room. A model in shades of gray, taupe or chocolate, will offer a touch of elegance to your interior and will be a good starting point to bring a refined decoration to your table. Also think of associating with your tablecloth a table runner having contrasting colors.

- Determine the perfect dimensions for a balanced rendering. Considering the size of your table and the number of covers, you'll have a pretty good idea of ​​what your tablecloth needs to do. If you want to bring a skirted effect, you just have to opt for a larger model, to create a draped look that will emphasize the delicate fall of your tablecloth.

- Adapt the choice of fabric according to the occasion. The material of your tablecloth depends on the use you want to make. For a meal with guests, cotton, lace and linen will be the order of the day. The refinement of these textiles will give your table a touch of undeniable elegance. Silk-like tablecloths, for their part, are more popular for major events, such as baptisms, wedding anniversaries or a romantic dinner. The models in oilcloth are finally ideal for outdoor or for meals with children. Easily cleanable, they are resistant and functional.