Tabletop Barbecues

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A barbecue is not only a cooking method, but also a true ritual that is also characterized by the environment that surrounds it. Most of the time it's a garden or a camp clearing on a nice day to spend with friends or with your family.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a garden or they can not bring a barbecue with them during camping or holidays. Even in these cases, however, it is not said that we should give up the pleasure of grilling meat and vegetables for a healthy and low-fat diet. In fact, compact barbecues are on the market to be placed directly on the table and transported in a bag.

How to choose a table barbecue

The various table barbecue models use very different feeding methods.

The easiest model is a bucket model. It is a cylindrical metal object, equipped with raised feet that keep it lifted from the table and a handle for transport: it looks like a simple bucket. Inside, however, there is a second bucket, smaller: here you can put the charcoal with which to cook the food and, above them, a simple grill that will be placed at the edges of the bucket. This barbecue will be easily placed on the table of a veranda or terrace and will be easy to disassemble and clean. However, it requires outdoor use, because the fumes produced are not absorbed.

This drawback can be overcome with a more technological model: here too there is a cylindrical structure with an internal chamber for the charcoal. To make the difference, however, is an internal fan placed at the base and powered by simple batteries. Furthermore, the intensity of the heat can be adjusted.

Then there are even more compact models but electrically powered: in this case there is a simple plastic structure on which to mount an electric resistance whose heat will cook the food placed on the grill.