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The tablets, hybrids between mobile phone and laptop, have become very fashionable in recent times. Not only do they offer quick access to the internet, but they are also a really useful element for jobs or studies. Among its main advantages, we could highlight the little space they occupy, how easy they are to transport and its easy handling.

Can I use my tablet as a mobile phone?

The tablets are so similar, in equal parts, to laptops and mobile phones that it is sometimes hard to make a difference. Without going any further, there are models of tablets from Samsung that are smaller than some of their phones, although this is far from the general rule.

For this reason, when asked if we can use our tablet as a mobile phone, the answer is somewhat diffuse. Theoretically, it is entirely possible to use the tablet as a telephone, but, for example, due to its size, a tablet is not as practical as a mobile phone when it comes to making calls.

What are the virtues of a tablet versus other electronic devices?

However, leaving aside its facet as a possible substitute for mobile, tablets offer us a series of advantages over devices such as laptops:

• Being totally tactile, it gives you more interaction, comfort and ease of use wherever you are.

• Because of its small size, compact design compared to laptops and its large selection of interactive applications, tablets are great companions for traveling. Also, they are a very versatile tool with which to attend work matters while traveling.

• They have a large battery capacity and, by requiring less consumption than laptops, have a higher speed of use and start-up.