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The terrarium can recreate the ideal living conditions of certain animals, usually reptiles or insects, including snakes, chameleons, tortoises, stick insects, frogs, snails, ants ... Its size must be adapted to the animal that 'he houses. Some terrarium models are ready for use and adapted to specific animals, others can be custom built.

What are the criteria of choice for the purchase of your terrarium?

The choice of material is very important:

To provide good transparency and excellent resistance choose glass or plastic. Choose plastic for large dimensions, to facilitate transportation.

Metal and wood are sometimes proposed, for aesthetic reasons in particular, but must include at least one transparent face.

The size of the terrarium must be adapted according to several criteria:

• the size of the animal;

• the number of individuals;

• Its specific need for space: in height or at the base;

• The size of the added plants and the overall decor.

Recreate the living environment of your pet.

The terrarium is not enough, it must be equipped to offer animals a space closer to its natural environment:

Choose the ideal soil and vary the materials: wood chips, gravel, paper and cardboard. The sand is used only for animals living in a desert environment.

Use artificial light and sometimes ultraviolet light if necessary.

The temperature is adapted according to the reptile using resistors or incandescent bulbs, heated spot lamps, heating mats, etc.

The hydrometer allows you to adjust and control the humidity according to the species sheltered.

Aeration for the renewal of the air.

Choose the opening of your terrarium

The opening can be pivoting or sliding, the important thing is that its size allows you an amplitude of movements sufficient to give them to eat. Generally, it is advisable to choose a lateral opening, more reassuring for the animals.