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The tiller is born as a direct substitute for the spade, with respect to which it is able to guarantee a more efficient and quick milling and preparation of the soil. Its function is precisely to ensure proper aeration on the ground, favoring drainage and improving its quality. The mechanism of operation is mediated by a motor that drives the metal teeth of the agricultural machine in question that, once activated, eradicates weeds and moves the soil in such a way that the surrounding plants can grow in perfect health.

Electric tiller or petrol engine: what are the differences between the models?

One of the possible classifications of the machinery takes into account the type of power supply, which can be electric or fuel. In this last case the engine can be petrol or diesel. Another important distinction between the types available on the market concerns transmission: geared or belt driven. The gear model is generally selected in case of particularly hard and difficult to treat ground.

How to choose a tiller?

- Pay attention to the power of the machinery: the more extensive the garden or field you want to intervene on, the more the performance of the motor hoe must be taken into consideration - Consider the structural aspect of the milling apparatus which, if well designed, can guarantee a job of satisfactory milling, sinking into the ground at the right depth - Check the speed of advancement guaranteed by the unit, essential for a fast and efficient work