Toddler Bedding Sets

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The gentle slumber of the little ones is especially important to parents. Of course, baby blankets are part of the initial equipment. But what is best for a good and healthy sleep of the child? What to look for when buying baby sheets, read here.

Baby Bedding - Types and sizes

The first thing to keep in mind is that the blankets, pillows and mattresses have different sizes to which you need to adjust the size of the bedding. For the youngest, slumbering sheltered in the parlor or stroller, there is the initial equipment. Newborns only need a very small sheet. A pillow is unnecessary until the first birthday of the baby as it may interfere with breathing. In addition to a soft sleeping bag, from which it can not trampling off, a small blanket provides cuddly coziness. After the first months the baby has outgrown the bassinet and sleeps in the cot. Infant mattresses are usually 70 centimeters wide and 140 centimeters long. The corresponding bed linen usually has dimensions of 100 x 135 centimeters for the doily and 40 x 60 centimeters for the pillow.

Baby Bedding - Requirements and Material

Little pink elephants and yellow ducklings, dinosaurs on light blue, little stars on soft flannel. Of course, the look is particularly delightful. Baby bedding, however, should not just look cute. It must also meet high standards that focus on the safety and health of the child. When buying, look for trustworthy seals of approval that guarantee the absence of harmful substances in bed linen. It is also particularly important that no small parts such as buttons can detach from the laundry. Print heads are therefore best suited for closing. The bed linen should also be easy to clean and hard-wearing. Cotton is therefore best suited as a material. It is absorbent, skin-friendly and even after repeated washing still robust. Especially comfortable is the cozy, soft brushed cotton flannel.