Toddler Chairs

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Chairs, glasses, cutlery and other everyday utensils are available in children's size. This makes everyday life easier for the little ones. Other furniture, such as armchairs are available in a small format, whether for the living room or the nursery. They come in all sorts of designs and colors, so you can not only tune it to the rest of your interior but also to your child's preferences.

What qualities should a child's chair bring with it?

Of course, the child's armchair should be able to do something qualitatively. Even if you will not be using it indefinitely, it should still be useful for future generations or as second-hand items. Likewise, he should not fall apart after a short use.

Above all, he must be robust. The children will romp on it, move it and strain it. Of course he should be able to stand the whole thing. As a result, both foundation, and reference should be tear-resistant and durable.

But also a certain softness and comfort should bring the children's armchair. Your child also just wants to relax, read a book or listen to a radio play. He should be comfortable enough for that. In addition, your child should not be hurt while playing and romping.

It will also be inevitable that one or the other mishap happens. Spilled drinks or food will sooner or later stain the cover. He should therefore take off the best and get stuck in the washing machine. Even at temperatures of 40, better even 60 degrees, it should be washable and not lose its shape. For covers that you can not remove, the color should not fade when using detergents and leave additional stains.

Also pay attention to materials according to Oeko-Text Standard 100. This guarantees you the immaculate and pollution-free production of the children's armchair.

Do It Yourself: How to sew the cover of your choice

After some time, the cover of the child seat will probably be a bit worn. The playing and general use leaves its mark, the reference is not so beautiful, the motive bleached and the one or the other crack also shows up.

If you do not want to buy a completely new chair right away, you can either buy a new cover or sew it yourself. The advantage: When choosing color and motif you are given completely free hand. In addition, you can tackle this project together with your child, choose the fabric together and design the armchair. So it becomes a very special piece of furniture, which has a special meaning for the child.

• The fabric should be tear resistant and sturdy again, so you can easily pull it over the chair. Pure cotton or a combination of cotton and linen is very good and is also easy to clean.

• Make sure you have all the utensils you need for the project. In addition to the material, this includes all suture material, such as a sewing machine, pins, sufficiently robust threads or yarn, a pair of scissors, a ruler, pens and snaps and / or Velcro.

• Patterns can often be obtained on the internet. If you have a lot of sewing experience, you can design it yourself. Always make sure that you have enough material to compensate for any errors.

• Think about the steps you can take to involve your child. Depending on your age, it may help you to cut out individual parts, or at least be there when you operate the sewing machine. Above all, you can design the design together in any case.

• You can pull the finished cover over the chair together with the child. The rays will show you that the work was worth it!