Toilet Paper Holders

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The roll holders for toilet paper have a very important work in your bathroom, as they will allow you to maintain the order of this room and, thanks to it, you will always have at hand a fundamental element for personal hygiene. In addition, you should pay attention to the design of the roll holder so that your style does not clash with the rest of the bathroom.

Which roll holder for toilet paper to choose?

When choosing your toilet roll, pay attention to these characteristics:

• Materials: The most common for roll holders are steel and plastic, although you can also find other materials made from materials such as bamboo. Metallic, especially stainless steel, are the most robust and durable, and give your bathroom an elegant and sophisticated look, while plastic ones are lighter and cheaper.

• Type: There are roll holders that can be installed directly on the wall, which consist of a bar in which to place the toilet paper and, sometimes, a surface that covers and protects them, and you can also find other models that constitute a piece of furniture by themselves, with support on the floor and accessories such as a vertical bar to store other rolls or a bowl for the brush in the base.

• Dimensions: Make sure that the size is appropriate for the space in which you are going to place it and the layout you have in mind.

• Stop: At the end where the roll of toilet paper is inserted, so that it does not fall when using it.

• Fastening: If it is wall, better by adhesion or vacuum pressure to avoid damaging the tiles with screws, while, if it is ground, ensure that the base is wide and with a sufficient weight to give stability to the whole.