Toilet Seats

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The toilet seat is a bathroom accessory that is particularly subject to wear: it can crack due to the weight of the people who use it or show cracks when it is dropped; in addition, the screws that secure it to the toilet can rust or become unstable, making the seat uncomfortable. The materials of which it is composed, then, can peel or turn yellow, making it unsightly.

All this can easily be remedied by buying a new seat complete with cover.

How to choose the toilet seat

A first difficulty in choosing is precisely the variety of shapes and sizes of sanitary ware currently on the market. In fact, to meet the needs of space and aesthetics of modern life, oval, round, U-shaped, squared and various-sized WCs are on the market today. Even the color is not always white.

So the first step is to choose the seat with the right shapes and sizes. If you know the brand of your toilet you can look for a seat from the same manufacturer and find compatible models. Otherwise it is possible to take measurements of your vessel, in particular length, width and distance between the holes for the screws: in this way it will be possible to choose a fairly stable seat even if the shape is not perfectly coincident.

A quick and inexpensive alternative is the purchase of a universal seat, compatible with several sizes: the seat can still prove to be not totally firm and leave some slack on the screws.

Some models are equipped with the soft-close hinge, a mechanism that slows down the speed of closing the seat and lid: a slight push with the hand will be enough and they will close slowly by themselves.

Finally, an eye for materials and aesthetics. You can choose a light material such as acrylic or prefer MDF, a lacquered resin made from wood that goes well with ceramics; as for aesthetics, you can opt for classic white models or for others more imaginative and colorful.