Tow Bars

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Tow bars are used instead of a rope. They keep the breakdown vehicle automatically at a distance. This increases safety, as unintentional driving on the towing vehicle is excluded. Tow bars are made of sturdy metal and painted in a striking color. For transport, many models can be disassembled into individual parts.

When does a tow bar have to be used?

In contrast to the tow rope, the towing bar offers the advantage of guaranteeing a constant and safe distance to the vehicle in front. This also applies to downhill driving. If the breakdown vehicle can no longer be made to run, fail in modern cars auxiliary systems such as the brake booster and the power steering. As a result, the braking effect and the steering can be handled only with a very large force. If towing towers are used, the safety is significantly increased. However, a tow bar is not mandatory. There is no corresponding provision in the Highway Code. You decide if you prefer to use a rope instead of the tow bar.

How to choose the right tow bar

- What equipment should have tow bars? It is advantageous if the towing bar can be divided into several parts for transport. Then it can be stored in the trunk. The simple construction mechanism ensures that the tow bar is ready for use quickly when needed.

- Should the tow bar be equipped with a spring? Many models have an integrated spring. It serves for safety, because the forces that act during towing, can be reduced by the spring. The spring also has a positive effect on ride comfort.