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The towel rack is an essential tool in your bathroom, which, as its name suggests, is used to hang towels. In our catalog of towel racks you can find many models and designs, as well as materials and several affordable prices for every pocket.

Types of towel rack

Nowadays, you can find different types of towel racks according to their dimensions and designs. Below, we present the main characteristics of each of these models, and we help you to choose the most suitable for your home:

• Bar towel racks: this is a type of wall towel rack that consists of a horizontal bar with two supports that must be embedded in the wall, using plugs and screws or with some adhesive, such as silicone. They are usually made of metal or wood.

• Towel rack: this model is also installed on the wall, fixing it with screws or with some adhesive product. It can be of different materials and, the difference it presents compared to a towel bar, is that it has shelves, similar to a shelf.

• Standing towel rails: this towel rack model usually occupies more space because it is a vertical structure that does not require any type of anchoring. It usually has more than one bar, so it is possible to hang several towels.

• Hook or rim towel rails: these towel racks occupy much less space than the previous ones, so they are more suitable for bathrooms of smaller dimensions.

• Warming towel rails: in this case, the towel rail has two different functions. On the one hand, it serves to hold towels and, on the other, it also functions as a heating system. Thanks to this system, the towels dry much faster.

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