Tower Fans

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Who said a fan should have shovels? Tower or column fans are devices designed to cool in a room but distancing themselves from the classic concept of rotating blades that move the air.

To do so they use very different technologies, but they are all united by a sober and modern design that makes them seem almost objects of furniture.

How to choose the tower fan

Tower fans, compared to paddle fans, have the advantage of being much more compact and stable: they are turrets a few tens of centimeters wide and less than a meter high, which can be moved and positioned in different points of a room easily. They are also quieter.

In most models, the fresh air flow is generated by a motor that sucks in air and expels it at high speed through a grid structure.

A different technical and aesthetic solution is the one adopted by fans that instead of a grid have an empty elongated oval: in this case, there is an aspirator at the base that conveys the air inside the empty oval generating something similar to a small tornado. The fresh air is then thrown out of the oval at great speed.

Tower fans are generally positioned on an articulated base that allows the device to rotate, to blow the air in different directions.

The choice between the various models can be made based on the engine power, expressed in watts. To refresh a great environment it will take more power, but it will also lead to greater energy consumption.

Another decisive feature may be the availability of programming options: in addition to being able to adjust the air emission speed, some models can also be programmed to start operating at certain specific times of the day.

The possible availability of a remote control to control them remotely can be another orientation criterion in the choice.