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Balls and balloons

No object is synonymous with fun and games as much as the ball.

The games with the ball are very old: even Homer in the Odyssey mentions them and they were also practiced by pre-Columbian populations, who used spheres made of rubber.

The charm of the ball is timeless. If you give it to a child, these will instinctively play with it, and so will the adults too: not for nothing the ball, in its countless variations and sizes, is the tool used in most modern sports, from tennis to handball, from golf to basketball.

How to choose the ball

A first criterion for the purchase of a ball is the age of those who have to use it: for the youngest children are available multicolored and very light plastic balls or sponge balls, to have fun throwing them and bouncing them in complete safety.

For older children, plastic balloons can be indicated, with which to play with evergreen games like a prisoner's ball or a poisoned ball. Or for the first approaches with real sports.

But when you seriously dedicate yourself to a sport you need to use the right ball. Here are some used in the most common sports:

• Soccer ball: made of synthetic materials, weighs about 450 grams and has a smooth surface. The best friend of the most popular sports fans on the planet.

• Basketball ball: bigger and heavier than the soccer ball, it is characterized by its orange color and its great elasticity.

• Tennis ball: in rubber and with a rough surface in yellow felt, it has a diameter of less than seven centimeters. Hit by a professional, travel over 200 km / h.

• Rugby ball: the most unusual ball, as it is not round but oval. It is designed to be carried in hand and its rebounds are irregular.

• Ping-pong ball: the smallest and lightest ball used in sports. It weighs less than 3 grams.

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